Hello and Welcome to my Website

 As a professional artist, specializing in large 'one-off' original silkscreen monoprints, I hope you will enjoy seeing a selection of my work. Browse through the galleries where you will find several examples of my work - some for sale, and some 'in-situ' with satisfied customers.

My work is an aesthetic and emotional response to my own life experiences and my inspiration is drawn from wide-ranging sources  -  a response to my current environment, human relationships and memories of beautiful and seductive foreign locations.


I really enjoy creating these large, vibrant, abstract artworks. Generally, I will work on several pieces simultaneously, building up the layers of colour over a period of time. Each piece develops individual characteristics and I am constantly watching, and assessing, how the overall effect is developing. Colour, shape and mark are juxtaposed to evoke space and currents of energy, inviting the viewer to a sensory response.